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About the Foundation

The Olivia Constants Foundation was founded in honor of Olivia Constants, a talented young 14 year old whose life was taken away on June 23, 2011 in a tragic sailing accident. Olivia lived her life with such joy and has impacted so many people that we have been encouraged to continue her legacy through this foundation.


We are guided by the belief that the qualities that Olivia exhibited; her sweet disposition, her kindness, and her love for others, was her gift to us and we would like to share that gift with others, in her name.


We envision assisting those in need, or less fortunate than others, with financial grants. In addition to working with individuals, we look forward to partnering with teams, organizations and community outreach programs that reflect the spirit of Olivia. The Foundation seeks to support and encourage individuals and organizations in their efforts to enhance the positive quality of individual, family, and community life.

"The mission of the Olivia Constants Foundation, Inc., is to do all the good we can, for whomever we can, in the spirit of Olivia."


The Foundation is lead by Olivia's family and close family friends make up the rest of the board. We pride ourselves in carrying out Olivia's spirit in everything we do.

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