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Spirit of Olivia
in action

See where Olivia's spirit has led us, who we've impacted, and watch her spirit on the move in our community.


We see Olivia’s spirit everywhere

As devastating as Olivia’s death has been to all of us, her passing has also had a profound effect on so many people. This is the story of our sweet Olivia. This is about how she lived and how she viewed life.

Support the OCF and become a legacy partner.
Olivia's Legacy Partners

We love our community and giving back. Support the OCF and become a legacy partner so we can continue giving in Olivia's spirit.

"Olivia Constants you’re the girl I look to when I need a laugh.

I’ll always love you. Watch me from the heavens.

My life is now for you. Rest in peace."

Thanks! We will be in touch.

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