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Olivia's Team Racing Invitational

Olivia’s Team Racing Invitational (OTRI) represents the way Olivia would have liked to have a sailing event. Lots of fun and some racing in between.


One of the most unique team racing regattas in the sport of sailing. There are no structured teams. Rather, each skipper/crew team are randomly placed on a different team for every single race in a 2 versus 2 format on the first day, where two boats raced against two other boats. Whichever team finishes last loses the race. The second day of racing transitions to the more traditional 3 versus 3 racing format. Reorganizing all the teams into random but fair three-boat teams.


By taking boats from the top, middle ,and bottom tiers to create teams, racing was amazingly balanced and exciting. It is clear that everyone loved the format of this regatta – 36 club-supplied boats, no pre-set teams, lots of races and plenty of time to hang out with friends old and new.


In 2014, the OTRI was awarded the prestigious St. Petersburg Trophy by U.S. Sailing for excellence in race management.

All donations raised during the OTRI goes towards our dedicated sailing opportunities fund.

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