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Update with 100 Women Who Care Annapolis

Thank you again for your support.100 Women Who Care Annapolis!!!!

The Olivia Constants Foundation was our winner in the spring of 2019 and Dorothy & Chloe told us what they have been up to with their $10,000 donation!

The Constants' ladies said “We feel privileged that you trusted us and that our foundation was worthy of your support. It’s a family affair.”

They have awarded $20,000 in scholarships this year! 8 students received scholarships, which were character based and determined by how they treat other people & where they volunteer their time, among other good character qualities. All of those traits respect Olivia and how she treated other kids, which is why we select candidates based on those things.

OCF supported 2 mothers: One with 4 children and one with 2 children. They helped to transition the families to a stable environment for the kids.

Through the AACO Partnership for children and families, they helped out families in need that could not afford certain things - they helped a family who needed a new AC unit, clothing for children & kitchen essentials.

OCF gave 27 grants to the AACPS system for groups such as GirlTtalk and the Kindness Club which empowers kids to find out who they are.

We are proud to have the OCF family as members and friends. They are doing such great things!


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