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Anti-bullying thru the Arts 2016 Winners

Great Morning!! The winners from our "Anti-bullying thru the Arts" contest that was held this past summer within the Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) were announced this morning at AACPS's Board Meeting. A packed auditorium of people were in attendance and got a chance to see our talented young artists. The contest was an opportunity for students to communicate to their peers a message about bullying that is important to them. This contest builds on our anti-bullying grant program-partnership that we have with AACPS.

Our winners won a cash award from the Foundation, and then we matched that award as well with a donation to a charity of their choice. Their artwork is being reproduced and distributed to the schools for display.

Our winners are:

Brynn Kathleen Schlesinger- Severn River Middle School- "Words Online." Carly Goldman- Chesapeake Bay Middle School- "The Wall."

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