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2017 Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations to our 2017 Scholarship recipients!!!

We are so excited for them. Wishing them all continued success

as they begin a new chapter in their lives. May the spirit of Olivia

shine through them!

Alyssa Thompson - Broadneck High School - St. Mary's College of Maryland (rising Senior)

Annabelle Hutchinson - St. Mary's High School - Brown University

Jamar Turner - Annapolis High School - Morehouse College

Mokyoung Kim - Old Mill High School - Unniversity of Pennsylvania

Kaitlyn Walton - Chesapeake Senior High School - Anne Arundel Community College

Patsy Bailey - Meade High School - University of Maryland Eastern Shore (rising Sophomore)

Francis Loeper IV - Penncrest High School - Penn State University

Lauren Weaver - Chesapeake Senior High School - Virginia Tech University

Tatiana Wu - South River High School - Stanford University

Charlotte Bader - Chesapeake Senior High School - Towson University

Kara Ritterpusch - Chesapeake Senior High School - University of North Carolina (rising Junior)

Sarah King - South River High School - Yale University

Emily Sapienza - Broadneck High School - Anne Arundel Community College (rising Sophomore)

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