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Creating Change Through the Arts 2018

We had a great evening last night at the Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS) Board meeting! Over 100 people were in attendance and got the chance to meet our winners of "Creating Change through the Arts" contest that was held this past school year. The contest was an opportunity for students to communicate to their peers a message about what is important to them, about bringing each other together and fostering an inclusive enviroment in their schools. This contest builds on the OCF's grant programs and our anti-bullying efforts within the AACPS.

Our winners won a cash award from the OCF, and then we matched that award as well with donation to a charity of their choice. Their artwork is being reproduced and distributed to the schools for display. Our winners are:

Katie Ostrander - Waugh Chapel Elementary School - "Bully - Free Zone." Elizabeth Mazer - Severn River Middle School - "Words Have Power."

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