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Living Legacy Foundation

From: The Living Legacy Foundation 1730 Twin Springs Rd., Suite 200 Baltimore, MD 21227

Excerpts from letter:

I hope that it may bring you even a small amount of comfort knowing that Olivia continues to touch lives through the gift of tissue donation. Your daughter’s gift could help as many as fifty people, and these life-changing tissue procedures allow people to lead normal and healthy lives. Through these gifts, suffering is alleviated, mobility is restored, amputations are prevented, and bone tumors are replaced with healthy tissue. On behalf of all the lives that Olivia’s gift will touch, I would like to express my profound gratitude.

Many lives will be impacted by your courageous decision to care for others in a most selfless way. You have enabled Olivia to give one final gift, and because of that gift, she will forever be remembered as a hero to many. (

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