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One Project

Eleana Zill, a student at the Monarch Academy in Glen Burnie, MD presented an anti-bullying program, called “The One Project”. Eleana shared with the entire middle school the types of bullying and how it impacts an individuals self esteem. How negative words communicated to others can have a longer lasting impact than words of encouragement. Then she conveyed to her peers that one person, one student, one action, doing one nice deed or saying one nice thing to someone else, can make a life changing difference in someone else’s life. The conclusion of the presentation came in the form of testimonies being read of four individuals; middle school age, who committed suicide because they were bullied. What the students heard was the sad truth of what victims of bullying felt and what led them to their decision to end their lives.

As hard as this was to hear, the reality was to educate students of the harm bullying does and the precious lives it claims. And to remind each student that one person, can change that reality. It starts with one person.

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